Is your tax code correct? Are you due a tax rebate.

UK Income tax obligations can be complex. From 6th April 2019, most employees are entitled to earn £12,500 tax free.

When you started your job did you hand in a P45 or complete a new starter checklist.

If you are on tax code 0T, then you are not benefiting from any free pay and may be overpaying tax on your hard earnt pay.

Statistics show that over 1/2 million new employees in the UK have a 0T tax code applied and that the employer and employee have failed to undertake an appropriate onboarding process.

When you start a job, you need to prove you are entitled to work in the United Kingdom (known as right to work), provide bank details so you can be paid, and should also hand over appropriate HMRC new start details. Whether you have a P45 or not, a new starter checklist declaration is still required along with details of any student or postgraduate loan deduction.

So if you have tax code 0T or BR and your are only in one job, then contact HMRC and get your tax code corrected. You may find that you get a significant amount of tax back that you have already paid,

If you need some help, then contact us at PAYadvice for assistance. We can help for just a moderate administration fee.

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